TMT - History in Miniature

Wild West

The Wild West has been one of my favourite periods to model in. I love the wooden buildings and I like to imagine the stories behind them. I think I may have watched too much Hollywood!

Yellow building

beam close upI have a soft spot for it because it provided me with my first big project before TMterrain was born. I decided to run a game around the shows in the UK based on an 8ftx6ft table full of houses. It looked great and went down well but more importantly it roof closeupstarted me down the model making path in a serious way. It was the first time I used resin windows and it showed me how window closeupvital they are to make consistently high quality buildings- without these resin (and now plastic windows from Grandt Line) I don't think I could have made TMterrain a success!veranda close up
I was also able to experiment with wood and other finishes. I use balsa all the time now. I had to vary the material and designs of the roofs as there were so many of them so I used shingles, planked, tar paper (I think- using sand paper for the effect) and tarpaulins.

I decided to layout the town on boards with buildings built onto the boards so that I could model narrow alleyways and lots of places to hide. I got some very good looking back yards that way

blacksmith and livery stablesBankHotelBoot shop

Gun shopKeep outStage coachBack yards

Shortly after TMterrain began we got a commission to recreate the town and ship to the USA. I followed it to Cold Wars and saw it in action

game at Cold Wars 2004ishI think Rich was in chargestage coachthe whole town

54mm train stationOther smaller projects have come along most in 28mm just like the two big towns above but one was in 54mm and it was a project that lasted many months just doing one building every six to eight weeks. There was to be nothing big- just a small town somewhere in the west. I think these were my first 54mm buildings. The shop signs were made using computer print outs and then carefully washing them with diluted brown paint and then dry brushing to give them a weathered look.

54mm shopshardware store54mm law enforcement!54mm house

Finally these photos are of the first of a new town I am building. The idea is to build slowly over a period of months to spread the cost.

28mm graveyardhotel on the cornerchurch- figures are Perry plastic ACW- I didn't have any cowboys!close up of church porch

If you have any questions on any of these projects or they have inspired you to ask about your own commission then please contact David.