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Victorian London

TMterrain has been commissioned twice to recreate parts of Victorian London. I was asked both times to spread the project over months and to deliver a building every month or two. It is agreat way to spread the cost but it also allows you to order a structure as you work out you need it rather than trying to anticipate what you might want.

Warehouses in various states of repair

Queen Victoria on the steps of the City HallBoth commissions are in 28mm scale and many of the following pictures are supplied by Wargames Illustrated magazine taken during a photo shoot and were published in the magazine sometime in 2008. I will from now on group the two projects together into one so I don't confuse myself!

warehouse frontThe first buildings I did were warehouses. You get alot of building for your money and they do portray the image of the London docks- the Thames lined with these wonderful looking industrial structures. They seem to sit on the river bank and look menacing- just the thing you need when you are playing a Sherlock Holmes game or chasing some steam powered robots in an alternative Victorian history!

a good place for an ambush?crates and parcels from all over the place. Skytrex are a good source of this sort of thingthe docks- a hive of activitysee the crane on the wall- from Langley models I think
more activity from another angledeserted warehouse- who is hiding in there?3 warehouses togetherwarehouse rear

the city hall in all its glory!

the crowd gathersThe next on the list was City Hall. I couldn't make a complete City Hall as it would be enormous so I made a facade only. It has to go on the edge of the table as there is no back to it. the front in closeupThe pillars and windows are resin, the lights come from Langley models (they are 1 /72nd scale so I raised them on plinths to make them look the right size)and the entrance is a Victorian doorway by Grandt Line. The great thing about this building it fits right in with a gangster shoot out in 30's Chicago!

the customs houseLondon had some commerce and admin buildings now it needed housing, entertainment and a customs house.The customs offices were another facade designed to go on the corner of the table with brass etched railings enclosing a small front yard. I made it clean and new looking on purpose to make it look powerful and rich!

The entertainment 'quarter' has a Music Hall and a couple of pubs. I found it difficult to find pictures of the outside of music halls (lots inside- I guess they were proud of how they looked for the paying customers!) so it was a bit of guess work and Hollywood!

the whole Music halla front shota close up so you can read the posters!Music Hall showing off it's dome

The pubs are two very different buildings. One is based on the pubs you can still see in London with the glossy tiles and welcoming windows. The windows are Grandt Line windows and the pub name comes from a set of transfers. The second is a more down market pub completely out of my imagination.

the pub of the type you can still see today

view of down market pubpoor pub againreminds me of Singing in the Rain- man leaning on lamp post!the rear of the pub
glossy tiles!Dormer window detailThe Railway Armsthe rear yard

Both buildings have tiled roofs made from my sheets of resin and both roofs do not come off, just like the rows of houses.

the complete row of housesHoudini coming to Londoncorner shopend terrace

Finally, the photo shoot for Wargames Illustrated furnished me with lots of panoramic shots of the city. Here are a selection of them.

panorama 1panorama 2panorama 3panorama 4

panorama 5panorama 6panorama 7panorama 8
panorama 9panorama 10panorama 11panorama 12

If you have any questions on any of these projects or they have inspired you to ask about your own commission then please contact David.